What’s next for mobile?

After the appearance of the first Apple iPhone in 2007 the world of technology was taken from smartphones. They enjoyed most in almost all segments, people waited in long queues and devices have become something everyone should have. The dream of every producer. But last year the star of smartphones began to flash and even slightly descends toward the horizon.

Of course, it is still far from extinction, but for the first time showed signs of vulnerability. The second quarter of this year showed a slowdown in sales of smartphones, almost all leading manufacturers failed to realize the projected results. Only Apple marks good sales, but its market share is not growing, probably because most of the buyers are previous owners, who transferred to the new model. In addition, prices declined, further reducing company profits. The market in China, which has long been a major source of growth, now also shows slowing, probably because reaching saturation point, say analysts Gartner. And here are beginning to see the problems of smartphones.